The Top 14 Questions You'd Rather Not Be Asked


14> “You were, uh, *born* a man, right?”

13> “Are you going to tell me the secret code, or am I going to have to assume you’re an alien and blast you?”

12> “You and your wife were never very big on that ‘exclusive’ thing, right?”

11> “Where were you on the night Ms. Tripp was impregnated?”

10> “Can you help me carry this across the street? It’s not very infected, just a little slippery.”

9> “…and do you take this man, Orenthal James Simpson, to be your lawfully-wedded husband?”

8> “Daddy, can you tell if this pus is coming from my labia tattoo or my labia piercing?”

7> “Well, if that’s not your prostate, what is it?”

6> “When did you decide to invest all your lottery winnings in”

5> “What made you think I was a doctor?”

4> “Weren’t you wearing a condom earlier?”

3> “So, boss… does your coffee taste funny this morning?”

2> “Mr. Secretary, did the President tell the Chinese Ambassador we are maintaining a ‘preventory’ nuclear presence in the China Sea or a ‘pre-emptory’ nuclear presence?”

1> “Blindfold?”

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[ Copyright 2001 by Chris White ]

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