Speed Limit


A woman was driving her old beat up car on the highway with her 7 year old son.
She tried to keep up with traffic but they were flying by her.
After getting caught in a large group of cars flying down the road, she looked at her speedometer to see she was doing 15 miles over the speed limit.
Slowing down, she moved over to the side and got out of the clump that soon left her behind.
She looked up and saw the flashing lights of a police car.
Pulling over she waited for the officer to come up to her car. As he did he said, “Ma’am do you know why I pulled you over?”
Her son piped up from the back seat, “I do… because you couldn’t catch the other cars!”

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  1. This is terrible.
    It makes no sense that she could go 15 over with the other cars if she cant “keep up”.
    Jokes still have to have logic.

      • I agree with that, I moved to KS 15 years ago and knew that if I ever moved back, I would need to learn to drive all over again. I plan on moving back in the next few months and am NOT looking forward to all that crazy traffic. But overall it still beats KS.

  2. I got pull over because I was going 75in a 60 mile zone and the other cars were going 90 and I told the cop that, but I got a ticket anyway.

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