Poor Groom


After dating a young lady for some time a poor young man decides it is time to marry her.  He proceeds with all the necessary plans and finally the big day comes. 
On the day of the wedding the young man has yet to pay the pastor for performing the ceremony. The service proceeds as planned and the vows are exchanged. Now it is time for the groom to kiss his bride. The pastor sees this as the perfect opportunity to ask to be paid. He pulls the young man aside and asks him, “Can you please pay me now?”
Not wanting to create a scene the young man asks, “How much do I owe you?”
The pastor thinks quickly and replies, “Pay me according to your wife’s beauty.”
The young man checks his pocket. All he has is five dollars and he gives it to the pastor. 
Although annoyed by this, the pastor realizes he has himself to blame. He continues the ceremony and says, “You may now kiss the bride now.”
At this point the veil is lifted from the brides face to allow the groom to kiss her. As the groom is about to kiss his new bride the pastor interrupts and promptly hands the groom his five dollars back.

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