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The Pastor approached his pulpit one Sunday and said, “Before we get started today I want you to know that there are rumors running rampant. I’ve heard that many of you out there have been a he’n and a she’n out of wedlock. If you been then get up and get out of my church right now!”
Some couples got up and left.
Then he said, “Some of you been a he’n and he’n. I want you to get up and get out of my church right now!”
Some guys got up and left.
He says, “Some of you ladies been a she’n and she’n. Leave my church right now!” Some women left.
Old Brother Brown in the back got up and was leaving.
Pastor asked, “Where you goin’ Brother Brown?”
Brother Brown replied, “I know sooner or later you’ll be gettin’ to me’n and a me’n and I’m just gettin’ a head start.”

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