3 bits of string


Three strings walked by a bar and noticed a sign outside it that said “NO STRINGS ALLOWED.” Indignant at the discrimination the first string decided to go in and order a drink. The bartender said “Can’t your read?” and when the string refused to leave he picked it up and tossed it out the door. The second string tried the same thing and when it also refused to leave the bartender punched it and threw it out the door as well. The third string thought for a few seconds, then scraped itself along the sidewalk harshly until it was ragged all over. Then it twisted itself inside out and around and around until its middle was all in a bunch. Then it entered the bar, got up on a stool and ordered a martini. “Say,” asked the bartender suspiciously, “aren’t you the string I just threw out of here?” ‘Fraid not,” replied the string.

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