Acting Grown Up


Three 7 year old girls were walking down the street wearing their mothers’ clothing; large hats, high heels, and long dresses. They passed a bar and one of the girls said, “Let’s go in for a drink.”They went in and crawled up to to the bar stools. The bartender laughed and thought he would have some fun. He went to the first little girl and said, “What will you have young lady?”The girl replied, “I’ll Have a Martini.”The bartender could not give them any liquor so he filled up a martini glass with 7-UP, placed an olive in it and put it in front of her.He said to the second girl, “What will you have today?”She replied, “A Manhattan.”The bartender then filled a Manhattan glass with Ginger-Ale, put in a cherry in it, and set it in front of her.Next he asked the third little girl, “What will you have today?”After a long pause she replied, “I’ll have a douche. Mother says they’re so refreshing.”

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