Word Association


A guy goes to see a psychiatrist.He says, “Doc, I think I’m hung up on women’s breasts.”The psychiatrist says, “We’ll see. I’ll give you a quick word-association test. I’ll say something, and then you say the first thing that comes into your mind.The doctor says, “2 Eggs.”The guy says, “Boobs.”The doctor says, “Orange.”The guy says, “Hooters.”The doctor says, “Grapefruit.”The guy says, “Jugs.”The doctor says, “Windshield wipers.”The guy says, “Knockers.”The psychiatrist says, “It’s very obvious you have a problem. I mean, I can understand the egg, an orange, or even a grapefruit, but why would windshield wipers make you think of breasts?”The guy says, “Are you kidding, Doc? First this one, then that one, then this one, then that one.”

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