a few jokes for your enjoyment:

one day, a blonde walked out side four or five times to her
mailbox, until her neighbor asked what in the world is she doin.
Then she replied, my computer said that i have mail!

A man went to the doctor’s. The doctor came in and said, “Well,
I’ve got some good news and some bad news. The bad news is that
you have an inoperable brain tumor. The good news is our
hospital has just been certified to do brain transplants and
there has been an accident right out front and a young couple
was killed and you can have whichever brain you’d like. The
man’s brain costs $100,000 and the woman’s brain costs $30,000″.
The patient could not help but ask, “Why such a large difference
between the male and the female brain?” The doctor replied, “The
female brain is used.”

Fred was trying to show his wife that women talk much more than
men. To prove his point he showed her a scholarly study that
showed men, on average, use about l500 words per day as opposed
to women, who use at least 3,000. Nancy, his wife, pondered this
for a little while and then thought of an answer. “Women”, she
said, “must use twice as many words as men, because they have to
repeat every thing they say.” “What?”, Fred answered.

When a bachelor marries, his wife has three qualities – she is
an economist in the kitchen, an aristocrat in the living room
and a devil in bed. After a few years, sure enough the three
qualities remain, but not in the same order – she is an
aristocrat in the kitchen, a devil in the living room and an
economist in bed.


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