The Top 16 Worst-Selling Hardware Store Items


16. PVC crack pipes

15. Howard Sterno

14. AK-47 Semi-automatic glue gun

13. Stud-Muffin Finder

12. DermAbrade 9000 Acne Remover! Fits most popular belt sanders.

11. Martha Stewart Terracotta Torque Wrench Cozy

10. Pee Wee Herman light switch plates

9. VladCo Electric Impal-O-Matic

8. Richard Simmons “Spackling to the Oldies” video

7. Lewinsky Leaf Blowers

6. The TurboBidet 2000

5. Time-Life’s “So, You’re A Moron With A Workshop” Books

4. Caulk Rings

3. The Hair Club for Men (attaches to your head to deter would-be toupee thieves)

2. Goose Tape

1. “Hoe House” shag-carpeted tool sheds

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