The Top 14 Things Overheard in Seattle This Week


14> “Send a message to those capitalist bastards! Come to Two-for-One Day at Stan’s Brick Emporium!”

13> “I don’t really give a crap — I’m just warming up for the New Year’s Day Y2K riots.”

12> “Citizens! Disperse and go home, or Brother Gates will be angry!”

11> “The Brown & Williamson IPO is bad, people. Do NOT invest in the Brown & Williamson IPO.”

10> “Gap is crap! Gap is crap! Gap is… Hey, cool chinos!”

9> “I was speaking figuratively when I said the WTO should go ‘where the sun don’t shine.'”

8> “Launch the chalupa!”

7> “No, Governor Bush, Stone Cold Steve Austin is not the head of the WTO. Guess again.”

6> “You got tear gas in my mocha latte!”

“You got mocha latte in my tear gas!”

5> “I haven’t seen this many badly dressed people since Courtney Love’s wedding.”

4> “I’m sorry Mr. Clinton, but the WTO rejects your proposal to ‘trade saliva with that Chinese girl’.”

3> “Ken Griffey sucks! Ken Griffey sucks! Ken Grif– AAAAGGGHH, MY EYES!!!”

2> “Attention, consumers: Put down your weapons NOW — and visit the fantastic 12-hour curfew sale going on at Old Navy!”

1> “Mr. Hoffa, we’re prepared to negotiate. Could you meet us at the Kingdome, say, around 2am?”

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[ Copyright 1999 by Chris White ]

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