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“The Related Sale” was the subject of a pep talk given recently
by the manager of a certain super-drug store.

“For instance, if a customer wants razor blades,” he told
employees, “ask him how he’s fixed for shaving cream and
after-shave lotion. That way you can turn a small sale into a
bigger one and make more commission.”

The youngest clerk was very impressed with the talk and was
eager to try the technique on his very next customer. This
turned out to be a rather embarrassed gentleman who shyly
requested a box of Kotex for his wife.

Ten minutes later, the manager of the store was amazed to see
The customer staggering out loaded down with assorted fishing
equipment, tackle, nets, boots and a one-man inflatable life

“What happened?!” The manager gasped, and the clerk modestly
attributed his success to “The Related Sale.”

“Related Sale!” Exclaimed the manager. “But all he wanted was a
box of Kotex.”

“I know,” said the clerk. “So I said, ‘Look, mister, there isn’t
going to be much doing around your house this weekend. Why don’t
you take a fishing trip?'”

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