Quiz for Weeding Out Induhviduals


There is much concern that Induhviduals are trying to pass themselves off
as DNRC members. If you are in doubt about a particular person’s
Induhviduality, simply administer this IQ quiz (Induhviduality Quotient):

1. What is the capital letter in Russia?

2. If 2 + 2 is 4 and 2 x 2 is also 4, what’s the big deal about
multiplication anyway?

3. Titanium is:

A. A big boat that sank
B. A vulgar latin term
C. A long-haired performer who plays the ukelele

4. When you close the refrigerator door, what happens to the light inside?

A. Nobody knows because it’s dark in there
B. It gets trapped inside because it’s not as fast as you might think
C. It combines with the yogurt to make “Light Yogurt.”

5. If you bang your head against your keyboard, it feels good as soon as

A. Stop
B. Become unconscious
C. 0;Hijejnkh9*&^^^jnnlwj

6. If you are planning to be in a relay race and you can’t find a baton,
good substitute would be:

A. Scissors
B. Hand grenade
C. Soap

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