Mother's advice


A mother and daughter are sitting down over afternoon tea.

The mother wants to show her daughter that she’s a hip parent and tries to get her daughter to open up and talk about dating boys and what it’s like for her.

Mom: So…. now that you’ve started dating, what’s it like getting intimate with young men?

Daughter: Oh you know how it is, boys are always insensitive and never care if intimacy isn’t working for me.

Mom: How?

Daughter: Oh, stuff….

Mom: Really now, you can trust me. I think that it’s important for mothers and daughters to talk about these matters…

Daughter: I don’t know…..

Mom: Now don’t forget, I was a teenager once and I can remember what dating boys was like for me, believe me, I remember.

Daughter: Really?

Mom: Really…

Daughter: Ok, for starters, how did you get their cum out of your hair?

Submitted by Curtis
Edited by Glaci

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