Hot Sister


So I’ve been dating my girlfriend for two years. A few weeks ago she made me very happy by agreeing to marry me. There is one problem though, she has an extremely hot sister. I mean every time she is around, I can’t take my eyes off her lovely curves.

The other day she calls me over to come work on the invitations. I walk in, sit down and she whispers in my ear “I’ve always had feelings for you if you would like to have one last fling before you get married come upstairs.” She walks up the stairs and throws her panties at me.

I’m so shocked I look at the stairs, I look at the door, then again at the stairs. I then run to my car, my entire family-in-law is sitting outside and cheering for me. My father-in-law hugs me and says “Welcome to the family!”  They are all so proud of me for not giving in.

Moral of the story is always keep your condoms in your car!


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