First Cut is the Deepest


Once upon a time, two little boys, Sammy and Tim, were sharing a room in the
hospital. As they were getting to know each other a little bit, Sammy eventually
asked Tim, �Hey Tim, what’re you in for?�
�I’m getting my tonsils out — I’m a little worried,� said Tim.
�Oh don’t worry about it. I had my tonsils out and it was a blast! I got to
eat all the ice cream and jello I wanted for two weeks!�
�Oh yeah?” replied Tim. �That’s not half-bad. Hey, Sammy, how about you?
What’re you here for?�
�I’m getting a circumcision, whatever that is,� Sammy answered.
�Oh my god, circumcision? I got one of those when I was a baby and I couldn’t
walk for two years!�

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