– At one time in Holland it took four years to train to be a hatmaker but
only three years to train to be a surgeon….

– Despite the many rat infested slums in New York City, only 311 people
are bitten by rats in an average year. But 1,519 residents are bitten
annually by other New Yorkers….

– No one knows why, but 90 percent of women who walk into a department
store immediately turn to the right….

– The term skyscraper was first used way back in 1888 to describe an 11
story building….

– Adults average only one nightmare a year, but typically have seven
sexual fantasies a day….

– There are twice as many kangaroos in Australia as there are people. The
kangaroo population is estimated at about 40 million….

– During his entire lifetime, Herman Melville’s timeless classic of the
sea, ‘Moby Dick’, only sold 50 copies….

– The liver, not the heart, is the sign of romance in northern Morocco….
When a Moroccan girl falls in love she says, “Darling, you have stolen my

– Drivers tend to drive faster when other cars are around. It doesn’t
matter whether they are in front, behind, or beside them….

– A small tribe named the Todas in southern India don’t greet each other
with a handshake, they thumb their noses….

– The host team in an NFL football game must have 26 footballs inflated
and ready to play….

– The world’s greatest lover was King Mongut of Siam. He had 9,000
wives…. Before dying of syphilis he was quoted as saying he only loved
the first 700….


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