A Quick Look


A man and wife were taking a shower when the doorbell rang. The wife says, “I’ll get it” and wraps a towel around her.
She opens the door and sees that it’s her next door neighbor. The neighbor notices that she’s in her towel and says, “Damn you’re so fine! I’ll give you $500 right now if you open your towel and let me get a good look at that beautiful body of yours.”
She says, “$500? Right now?”
He says, “Yeah right now.”
She looks around to make sure the husband is not out of the shower, agrees, opens her towel and lets him get a real good look.
He gives her one long look andĀ hands her the $500.
She gets back in the shower and her husband asks who was at the door. She says that it was the next door neighbor.
The husband replies, “Cool! Did heĀ give you the $500 he owed me?”

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