Right Techno X-Mas Gift

Are you having a hard time finding the right gift for the computer addict whose PC has everything? Not another Dilbert necktie, or King’s Quest XLVIII. Try one of these:

– CD-ROM rewinder. (For blondes only.)

– Virtual reality beer.

– NoseBlaster smell card — the latest in multi-media technology. The deluxe version comes with direct-feed nostril tubes for the ultimate in virtual olfactory experience.

– True-Type font modeled on my handwriting. The last word in non-reversible encryption. (May not be exported from the country.)

– 72-inch monitor.

– 20-foot mouse extension cord

– a must for the 72-inch monitor.

– Michael Jackson-to-Michael Jackson Morph screen saver — endless variations.

– Bedpan — Why leave your computer just for that? (Not for use with NoseBlaster.)

– The secret to what this emoticon means – }:{o

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