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Cost of Services

A married couple is travelling by car to visit family. After almost eleven hours on the road, they were too tired to continue and decided to take a room. But, they only planned to sleep for four hours and then get back on the road.

When they checked out four hours later, the desk clerk handed them a bill for $350.00. The man explodes and demands to know why the charge is so high. He told the clerk although it’s a nice hotel but the rooms certainly aren’t worth $350.00 for four hours. Then the clerk tells him that $350.00 is the ‘standard rate’. He insisted on speaking to the Manager.

The Manager appears, listens to him, and then explains that the hotel has an Olympic-sized pool and a huge conference center that were available for us to use. “But we didn’t use them,” the husband said. “Well, they are here, and you could have,” explained the Manager. The Manager went on to explain that the couple could also have enjoyed one of the shows for which the hotel is famous. “We have the best entertainers from New York, Hollywood, and Las Vegas perform here,” the Manager says. “But we didn’t go to any of those shows,” the husband said. “Well, we have them, and you could have,” the Manager replied.

No matter what amenity the Manager mentioned, the husband replied, “But we didn’t use it!” The Manager is unmoved, and eventually the husband gave up and agreed to pay. As he didn’t have the check book, he asked his wife to write the check. She did and gave it to the Manager. The Manager is surprised when he looks at the check. “But ma’am, this is made out for only $50.00.” “That’s correct. I charged you $300.00 for sleeping with me,” she replied. “But I didn’t” exclaims the Manager. “Well, too bad, I was here, and you could have.”

20th Anniversary Gift

A man walks into Victoria’s Secret to purchase some see-through lingerie for his wife as a 20th Anniversary present. He is shown several possibilities that range from $50 to $150 in price, the more see-through, the higher the price. He opts for the sheerest item, pays the $150 and takes the lingerie home. He presents it to his wife and asks her to go upstairs, put it on and model it for him.

Upstairs the wife sees the price tag he forgot to remove and thinks “I have an idea. It’s so see-through that it might as well be nothing. I won’t put it on. I’ll do the modeling naked, return it tomorrow, get a $150 refund and get myself something I really want.” So she appears naked at the top of the stairs and strikes a pose.

Seeing her, the husband exclaims, “that’s weird, it wasn’t that wrinkled in the store.”

Grace Before a Meal

A Christian farmer spent the day in the city. In a restaurant for his noon meal, he sat near a group of young men.

After he bowed his head to give thanks for his food, one of the young men thought he would embarrass the old gentleman. “Hey, farmer, here in the city, nobody does that. Maybe you’re not used to that where you come from.”

The old man calmly replied, “No, son, out on the farm, the pigs don’t do it either!”


A wife was talking to her husband about reincarnation.

“What exactly is reincarnation?” he asked.

“It’s when you die and come back as something completely different,” she explained.

“So,” he suggested “I could come back as a pig?”

She sighed wearily. “You’re not listening, are you?”

Need Money

A kid called up his mom from his college and asked her for some money, because he ran out of it.

Mom said, ‘Sure, sweetie. I’ll send you some money. You also left your calculus book here when you visited 2 weeks ago. Do you want me to send that up too?’

‘Uh, oh yeah, OK,’ responded the kid.

So Mom wrapped the book along with the checks up in a package, kissed Dad goodbye, and went to the post office to mail the money and the book.

When she gets back, Dad asked, ‘Well how much did you give the boy this time?

Mom said, ‘Oh, I wrote 2 checks, one for $20, and the other for $1000′

‘That’s $1020!!!’ yelled Dad, ‘Are you crazy???’

‘Don’t worry hon,’ Mom said, as she kissed Dad on the on top of his bald head, ‘I taped the $20 check to the cover of his book, but I put the $1000 one somewhere between the pages in Chapter 19!’