The First Pitch


President Clinton is invited by George Steinbrenner to opening day at Yankee Stadium. Mr. Steinbrenner asks the President, “Mr. President . . . Bill . . . since you are my special guest, and today is opening day, we’d like for you to throw out the first pitch.”
President Clinton say excitedly, “SURE, I’D LOVE TOO…SOUUUIIEEEE!”

So before the game begins, the President is introduced to the crowd . . . the crowd applauds…Bill does the Presidential wave thing…and then, he picks up Hillary, raises her above his head, and gives her the good heave ho straight across home plate. “SOUUUUIIEEEE”. The crowd goes WILD!

George Steinbrenner puts his hand on Clinton shoulder and says, “That was just FANTASTIC…but I said ‘throw out the first PITCH!”

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