Prison Bus Conversation


Three men were on a bus to prison where they were allowed to bring only one personal item. They were telling each other what they brought.
The first man, being intellectually minded, said, “I wanted to bring something that could actually have a variety of purposes. It needed to be something that I could not be easily bored with. So I had a hard choice to make, between a small radio, a tiny television set, and a deck of cards. Knowing that electronic devices would more than likely not be permitted personally to an inmate, I decided upon the cards, so that I can play a number of games: Gin, Rummy, Solitaire, Hearts,” and continued to name more games.
The second man said, “I like painting, and I intend to be the Grandmother Moses of this jail house. I am going to paint anything that I can. So I brought my painting supplies.” The third man, a blond, said with a grin, “I was thoughtful enough to bring a box of Tampons.”
Muffled, the other two men questioned his choice, “What in the hell can you do with Tampons?”
The man grimaced happily, “Well, just look here on the box. You can swim, horseback ride, even skate! I just can’t wait to see how they work!”

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