Pirate at the Bar

A pirate goes into a bar and the bartender says: “Long time since I’ve seen you, man, you look terrible.”
The pirate says: “I feel fine.”
The bartender says: “Well, you didn’t have that wooden leg last time I saw you.”
“Well, I got into a battle and a cannon ball hit me in the leg, but I’m ok.”
“Well, you didn’t have that hook on your arm either.”
The pirate says: “Got in a sword fight and lost my hand.”
The bartender says: “What about the eye patch?”
The pirate replies: “Well, a bunch of sea gulls flew over the boat and when I looked up one of them shit on my eye.”
The bartender says: “How did that make you lose your eye?”
The pirate replies: “It was the first day with the hook.”
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