Olaf and Lena


Olaf and Lena were on a baseball bus trip from Fargo, North Dakota to
Minneapolis, Minnesota, to see the Twins baseball game. Thirty miles out of
Fargo, the bus broke down and all passengers had to disembark.

Olaf says to Lena, “Hey, Lena, let’s go over dere in da bushes and have some
fun.” “Oh, no,” says Lena. ” Ve couldn’t do dat.”

They get back on the repaired bus, but the bus breaks down again 50 miles
farther down the road. Again Olaf asks Lena to join him for some fun in the
bushes, but she again refuses.

The bus repaired, they get back on, drive 29 miles more, and again the bus
breaks down, and Olaf asks Lena, “Can we go over dare in da bushes and have some
fun? Lena says, “Ya, ve can do dat.”

So they go over and have their fun. Back on the bus, Olaf asks Lena why she
refused the first two times, but accepted the third time.

Lena replies, “Vell, I heard somebody on the bus say that if dis bus doesn’t
get to Minneapolis pretty soon, the f***ing season will soon be over.”

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