Maintaining the Parrot


There’s a guy who owns a parrot which never talks. So he goes to the pet shop to get some advice. The pet shop owner says he knows exactly what the problem is. “Your parrot has too much hook in it’s beak, what you have to do is file its beak back and it will be able to talk just fine. You’ve got to be careful not to file it too far though, because if you take too much off the bird will drown the first time it has a drink.”

The parrot owner asks how much the pet shop guy charges to do this beak modification and he says $100. So the parrot fancier decides he’ll do it himself. A week or so later they bump into one another in the street.

The pet shop guy enquires how the parrot is and whether it is talking yet?

The parrot owner says “the parrots dead”.

Pet shop guy says “I told you not to file the beak back too far, did he drown when he had a drink?”.

Ex-parrot owner says “Shit no, he was dead before I got him out of the vice!!”

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