Jockstrap Boys


A new look for the Backstreet Boys[Image]Submitted by: JuliaNote: Our “Send this Joke to A Friend” email thingy doesn’t transmit pictures. But if you see this in email, you can click on the link above!

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  1. An old gentleman was in the hospital during Covid epidemic. He’s in a gown and of course has a mask on when a young
    nurse walks in. He looks up at her and says ” Are my testicles black ?” She was quite taking back by this but had learned
    in nursing school not a appear shocked by any question that is asked by a patient. Acting as if she did not understand
    the question she said , “I’m sorry could you repeat your question?” The old man again said “Are my testicles black?”. Again,
    not wanting to appear shocked by the question she said, ” I don’t know let me see. ” At that point she raised his gown and took
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    ask, ” Are my test results back?”

    George White
    Temple, Texas

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