Fun Things to Do Anywhere


1. Sit and stare at someone and don’t stop staring.

2. Pick out someone to have a crush on then constantly stalk
them. (this one especially works….I’ve done it before! but I
actually have a crush on the person, hehe:)

3. When someone talks to you don’t answer.

4. Whenever you get blamed for doing something sing “it wasn’t

5. If your at the mall walk around and ask people if they like
*N’sync or limp bizket and if the say “no” yell at the top of
your lungs “traitor!!!”

6. At the wishing pond watch people as they make wishes and
throw in money and when they do say to them “ok next time do it
with a little more OMPH”

7. If your out somewhere go to a pay phone and call your house
and act like your a sales person selling “washing machines”

8. If you have AIM make a ton of screen names and IM your
friends on all of them at once.

9. If your on an airplane yell BOMB!!! and then when they find
out there ain’t a bomb say “oh, I thought I saw one fly by”

10. At burger king make a big deal out of weather you should
order either fries or onion rings.

11. In computer class tap the keys really hard.

12. At a grocery store every 5 minutes keep going back for the
sample bread until they tell u, you cant have no more.

13. In any public place keep on repeating “pika Pika!”

14. At the movies whenever a really funny part comes on laugh
REALLY loud and start to cough and then exclaim you cant breath.

15. If you sneak into the movies and 1 of the ushers ask for a
ticket stub start to look through your pockets for 1 then when u
cant find it say “I must have lost it”

16. At the hair solon after you get your hair cut scream at them
“you cut it too short! I’m going to sew!

17. At the hair solon after you are all done exclaim that said
you wanted your hair bleached and when they says you didn’t,
argue with her/him.

18. Constantly sing “Dancing Queen”

19. Go to the mall and bring a pad of paper and a pencil with u
and ask people if they are Christians and if they aren’t put a
tally mark under “People going to hell”

20. If you have your crushes phone # call them up and act like
someone from a different country.

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