Evangelizing Barber


There was a barber who paid close attention at the service whenever the topic of evangelization was discussed. He thought he should be doing more to share his faith with his customers.
One morning, during his prayer, the barber said, “Lord, today I’m going to witness to the first customer who walks through my door.”
A man came in as the barber opened his shop and said, “I need a shave.”
The barber said, “Yes, sir! Just have a seat, and I’ll be right with you.” Then he went in the back and prayed a quick prayer, saying, “Lord, the first customer just came in, and I’m going to witness to him. Give me the wisdom to know just the right thing to say. Amen.”
Then the barber came out with his straight razor in one hand and a Bible in the other and told his customer, “I have a question for you: Are you ready to meet your Maker?”

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