Bear and a rabbit


One day a bear was in a forest you know were bears hang out and he saw a rabbit he was hungry so he decided to chase it mean while a genie was chillin’ and saw the bear chaseing the rabbit and it was getting kinda annoying so he thought he would stop by granting them some wishes so he floated over and told them “hey if you two knock it off ill grant you both two wishes” they siad it was cool so the genie turned to the bear and said your bigger so you can go first and the bear said i wish i had the biggest bear dick in in all of beardom and the genie clapped his and his wish was granted he had the biggest bear dick in all of beardom
so he asked the rabbit want is your wish

he said i want a harley davidson motor cycle

the genie thought this was kinda wierd but he granted it any way it was the bears turn again so the genie said what is you final wish the bear said i want all the bears in the entir world to be female the genie granted his wish. it was the rabbits turn the genie said “ok this is your last wish you should really think hard “and the rabbit said no no i know what i want genie said well what is it and the rabbit said “i want him to be gay” and sped away on his motorcycle.

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