A couple was honeymooning in Daytona Beach….


A couple was honeymooning in Daytona Beach. The manager of the motel
noticed the new groom fishing all day and night on the first day of their
stay. The second day came and the new groom was again fishing all day and
night. This ritual was repeated on the third and fourth day and night.

The manager could not take anymore. He went up to the new groom and said,
“You just got married. How come you’re not up there making love to your
new wife?”

The new groom said, “I can’t….. She has gonnoreah.”

The manager said, “Well …..she what about her mouth?” To which the
groom answered, “Nope …She has pyoreah.”

The manager scratches his head and says, “Her ass?”

The groom replies, “No way ….she has diareah!”

The manager says, “Well, let me ask you….if this bitch has so much wrong
with her, why did you marry her?”

To which the groom smiles and says, “Well she has worms too and I love to
fish day and night.”

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