dog fart

One day a guy got invited over to his girlfriend’s parents house for dinner. He really liked the girl and was set out to impress her parents. When he arrived at the girl’s house he was quickly whisked into the dinning room where they were getting reading to sit down for dinner. He sat down in his chair and the family dog curled up under him. Halfway through dinner the man felt a rumble in his tummy and noticed he had gas. He was very uncomfortable so he let a little bit out hoping no one would notice. As soon as he did, the girl’s father yelled at the dog “Rufus!” The guy thought, hey, this is great and let out a little bit more. Once again, the girl’s father yelled “Rufus!” They guy decided to let all the gas out since the father thought it was the dog. After he let a long fart out, the girl’s father yells at the dog “RUFUS! Get out from under that chair before that man shits on you!”

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