Toilet Paper


One night a married couple were up stairs getting ready for bed.
The husband just got out of the shower and walked into their
room. As he walked in he saw his wife standing in front of a
mirror naked. As he contined to watch he saw her start rubbing
her tits. He continued to watch until she noticed him. He asked
“What the hell are you doing?” She replied “My tits are so
small, I’ve tried everything, working out, creams, lotions,
nothing seems to work! I guess plastic surgery is the only
answer.” The husband looks at her for a moment, scratches his
head and says, “Well, go into the bathroom and get some toilet
paper.” “Toilet paper?” She replied. “Ya, take some toilet paper
and rub it inbetween your tits.” The wife replied “How in the
hell will that make my tits bigger!?” The husband answered, “You
got me, but it sure as hell worked on your ass!”

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