The Top 16 Least Popular Charitable Organizations


16> Guys Named Steve Who Could Use a Couple Extra Bucks

15> The Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen Retirement Fund

14> Institute of Obsessive-Compulsive Lawn Care Zealots

13> Green Piece

12> Rappers Without Retirement Plans

11> The Anna Nicole Smith Shelter for Temporarily Homeless Gold-digging Floozies

10> United Negro Hockey Fund

9> The March of Mimes

8> The George W. Bush Literacity Fund

7> Fart-Aid

6> Partnership for a Free-Drugs America

5> The Red Crotch

4> Amnesty International House of Pancakes

3> Americans United to Buy Me a Porsche

2> Konservative Khristian Kouncil

1> The Make-A-Whip Foundation

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[ Copyright 2001 by Chris White ]

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