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I used to pull this joke regularly on all new arrivals into our department. I had fashioned a sort of catapult using a very flexible plastic ruler and cable-end-cap attached to the end of the ruler (a cable-end-cap is about the size and shape of an aerosol can cap). Inside the victim’s pencil drawer (sometimes known as a lap drawer) I would tape the end of the ruler opposite the cap to the bottom of the drawer. This way I could fold the cap end of the ruler back so that the cap would be open-end-up. I would then fill the cap with hole-punch “confetti” and close the drawer holding the “catapult” in the “cocked” position. Then when the victim opened the drawer, the device would launch the confetti into the victim’s lap, face, or whatever else might be in the line of fire.

Finally one coworker decided to effect revenge. He placed a couple pieces of confetti on my floor, but did nothing else. Being the cautious type, I immediately noticed the confetti pieces and checked my storage place for my catapult. It was gone. I then very cautiously set about searching my cubicle for the loaded launcher with the intent of not tripping it. About a half hour later I began to realize I had been had. A quick and careful scrutiny of the faces of my neighbors confirmed my suspicion.


Another prank is one I pulled on my honeymooning best friends. They had asked me to house-sit for them while they were away. I removed the lables to all their canned foods. It gave them a new appreciation for the term “pot luck dinner.”

With patience this prank can be improved upon. Steam the labels loose and then glue them back onto different cans.

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