Magic Mirror


A woman walked into an antique store that was down the street from her home. As she wondered around the store the clerk asked her what she was interested in. She said she was interested in buying a mirror.
He showed her a couple mirrors then told her he had a special, magic mirror in the back. She laughed, and said yeah, right! He showed her to the mirror and told her: All you have to say is “Mirror Mirror on the door” then ask for anything. She gave it a try.
Mirror Mirror on the door, make my breast a 44.
KABOOM. She had some huge breast
She ran down the street to her house to show her husband. She told him of the magic mirror on the corner. He raced out the door headed to the antique shop. As he arrived he told the clerk he wanted to try the magic mirror. The clerk took him out back where the mirror was and told him what to say. The man looked at the mirror and said
Mirror Mirror on the door–make my manhood touch the floor
KABOOM. His legs fell off.

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