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A fellow wanted to learn how to duck hunt but could not find anybody who would take him out to learn how so he st a rted to hunt by himself. He felt frusterated after five day’s hunting without getting the first feather much less a shot.So he goes back to the boat launch to go home and see’s a fellow coming in with the front of his boat full of ducks and thinks to himself damn I think i’ll go over and ask him if he needs a hand and maybe i’ll learn a secret or two, So he say’s to the hunter with a bag over his head Sir can I help you with loadind up your boat and the man with the bag on his head said sure. So did you have any luck today? The new hunter said he hadn’t shot at a duck in five days and the man said do you want me to take you out so you can get your limit? the new hunter said sure I’d love to maybe you can teach me a thing or two, on the way out the hunter ask why the man still had the bag on his head and he said i’ll show you in a minute. They threw out some decoys and the man said are you ready ? now watch close and he began to blow his caller and the ducks were all over the place then all of a sudden he pulled the bag off and ducks were falling out of the sky everywere, and the new hunter started screaming for the man to put the bag back on for he was one ugly dude and looked bad bad.They picked up all the ducks and on the way in the new hunter said thank you and that he was sorry, and the man said sorry for what? and the new hunter said for hurting your feelings when I yeld for you to put the bag back on,He said hell son don’t be I know I’m ugly my wife is ugly my kids are ugly were one big ugly family. The new hunter said sooo does your wife like to duck hunt with you? and the man said oh she loves to duck hunt. then the new hunter said well do you bring her out much? The man with the mask said ohhh nooo she bust them up to bad…

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