Blond Quiz!!


If you awnser YES for any of the following you are a Dumb Blond.
1.Have you ever sent a fax with a stamp in ot?
2.Have you ever tripped over a cordless phone?
3.Have you ever put you star sighn at the bottom of an
application form where it says sighn here?
4.Ever spoken you mind and been totally speechless?
5.Moved because you heard 90% of crimes are commited around your
6.Did you know you could listen to am radio at night?
7.Do you stare at frozen orange juice because it says
8.Do you think taco bell is an mexican phone company?
9.Ever told some one t meet you at the corner of walkand dont
10.Seen a sighn that says airport left so turned around and went
11.Put lip stick on your forehead so you sould make up your mind?
12.Have you ever studien for a blood test and failed?
13.Ever taken 2hours to watch 60 minutes?
14.Ever sent someone an email asking them if they had an email
15.Ever sold you car so you could have gas money?

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