Big job no way


Once upon a time there was this democratic sen. he fought Bush tooth and nail.
Well just say sen. Welstone of m.n.

Gorge boy getting very upset and could not find any way to get rid of
welstone. So he called crying to his dad and said� dad I am going to lose m.n.
To the democrats.hes dad replies� I know, but I will take care of this just like
I took care of you d.w.i.’s, your drug charges and your school grades”. So with
that said little gorge boy wiped his tears and said “thank you daddy”. A week
goes by and nothing happens and welstone is still winning. So gorge boy calls
his daddy again and says, “I thought you were going to take care of this”. His
father replies, “I have, I put one of mr lautens suicide pilots in place of his
reg. pilots. This way not only will you get to see him crash and burn but you
will be also able to see what is going to happen in just a few weeks; oh by the
way do not read the cia reports on your desk, that way after planes start
falling out of the sky you can just say it was the cia fault for not keeping
tabs on terrorist activity”. With that said gorge boy tell his dad “what would I
do with out you”. His father says laughing ” well you would just be getting out
of prison and would be working at mucky d’s right now!!!” gorge boy says with
excitement “really I always wanted to be a manager at micky d’s!!!

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