The Student who Had screwed

One day a kid named Daniel was asked to stay after class to
talk to his teacher because he got in trouble. Instead of
staying after his teacher told him “Ill let you go if I can have
sex with you.” Daniel said ok because he had to hury home.
When Daniel reaches home he tells his mom hes feeling bad
because he just had sex with his teacher. His mother said “Go
into your and wait till your father gets home, and think of the
mistake you made.”
(2 hours later)His father comes home and his mother tells
him what Daniel has done. So his father walks to his room proud
of his son, cause he just had sex for the first time. He says to
Daniel “Son, I’m very proud of you you just had sex for the very
first time in your life. Would you like to go to Toys R’ Us to
get the bike you wanted for your birthday that you never got?”
Daniel replies,”Well I would but can we go tomorrow? Because my
butt still hurts from when i had sex.”

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