Pearly Gates Test

A petty thief, a teacher and a traffic warden die in a plane crash and go up to Heaven’s gates together. When they get there they are stopped by St. Peter, who says: “Sorry, it’s crowded up here, you need to answer a question correctly, or else you can’t get in.”

St. Peter asks the teacher “What was the name of the famous ocean-liner that sank after hitting an iceberg?”
The teacher replies “Oh, that’s easy, the Titanic.” – St. Peter lets her into Heaven.

St. Peter asks the petty thief “How many people died on that ship?”
The petty thief replies “Oooh, that’s tough, but I saw the movie, and I think it was 1,500.” – St. Peter lets him into Heaven.

Finally, St. Peter turns to the Traffic Warden and says: “Name them.”


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