Let me fix yours knee

As we all know at one point a child of ours will catch us in the act.Well one day our 3 year old son walked in…I saw him standing at the side of the bed..and gasped.My husband rolled off looked at him and said mom has hurt her knee daddy is triing to fix it.Nothing again mentioned .A year has past our little guy now 4 is getting ready for bed.It is middle of winter and i am taking out the garbage for the following morning,on the ice driveway i fell one leg straight back..wham right onto my knee.After a few minutes i went into the house sat on the side of my bed with painful tears and was rubbing my knee…when our son walked in..mom whats the matta he says and i explained to him i had fallen and injured my knee,his elephant memory has kicked in once again as he tries to mount me i ask him not to and he starts cryin whats the matter i say and he blurts out mom i haves to fix yours knee..well the tears of mine soon turned to laughter when i realized just what he had remembered for such a long time.

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