Jay Lenno on Starr's Report

Jay Lenno on the Impact of Kenneth Starr’s Report. 9/11/98As a direct result of the release of Judge Kenneth Starr’s Report to the congress on the internet:Meet The Press will not be hosted by Tim Russert this week. The new host: Dr. Ruth.The Big Story: George Burns no longer can claim the world’s most famous cigar.According to Monica, Bill took phone calls while she was giving him Oral Sex. Wouldn’t it be too perfect if one of those calls was from AT&T asking if he was satisfied with the service he was getting? The President’s Lawyer went on TV and said ‘this is just an accusation, not proof.’ Hey Lumpy! 36 boxes of evidence will stack up to substantially taller than you, your boss and your secretaries standing on each others shoulders! With that mountain of evidence against you: IT’S OVER!!!!!. Even OJ was heard to say: ‘Give It Up!!!’Clinton wasn’t going to apologize to his cabinet until Janet Reno got him in a Headlock and said: ‘Now you say you’re sorry right now!’Milton Bradley has released a Special Bill Clinton Edition of their famous board game: ‘Sorry’

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