Highway Chase

A retired man took his brand new BMW for a ride at sunset. The highway was empty so he started speeding up way past the speed limit. Suddenly, in his rear view mirror, he noticed a police car approaching him very fast.

He sped up, trying to leave the cop far behind, but the cop kept catching up. He sped up even more thinking his brand new BMW is definitely faster than any cop car, and the cop will soon give up chasing him. But the cop was still there, much closer behind him, his sirens and lights going off. The man realized he will be in more trouble if he doesn’t pull over, so hesitantly he started slowing down and finally stopped.

The cop go out of his car, approached the man and said: “I was just going to finish work for today, and go home, when I saw you pass me, driving a good 20 miles per hour over the speed limit. Then, when you saw me, you started speeding up. This will mean a lot of tiring paperwork for me tonight before I can go home. If you give me a good excuse for your behavior, I might just let you go.”

The man thought about it for a moment and replied: “Officer, a couple of weeks ago, my wife left me for a cop. I simply thought you were trying to give her back.” He was let go with the warning.

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