here kitty, kitty…

a woman went to see her sex therapist because her marriage was going downhill, and she felt that se would save it, so the sex therapist gave her these pills which she said would help her husband get into the mood for sex, but only take one a night. so the woman took them home and gave her husband one. the next day she went and thatnked the therapist and asked what would happen if she gave he husband two pills, the sex thereapist said she didnt know, but she could try it and find out, so she did. the next day once again, she went back to thank the sex therapist, and asked what would happen if she gave her husband the remainder of the bottle, the therapist said she didnt know, but to try it and see. the next day a little boy went into the office, “are you the twat that gave my mum those pills?” asked the boy.”Yes.” replied the therapist, “how did it go?” to which the boy replied, “Well, my mum is dead, my sister is pregnant, my arse hurts, and my dad is ssat in the corner going, ‘here kitty kitty!”

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