Drinks for Everyone

A drunk goes into a bar. “Drinks for everyone, and one for you too.” he says to the bartender. The bartender serves everyone, including himself. “That’ll be fifty dollars, please.” I don’t have any money.” says the drunk. The bartender takes him outside and beats him up.

The next day the drunk comes back. “Drinks for everyone, including the bartender.” The bartender thinks to himself, he wouldn’t be so stupid to do the same thing again – he must have money this time, so he serves the drinks. But when he asks him to pay, the drunk tells him that he doesn’t have any money again. The bartender takes him outside and gives him a savage beating.

The next night, the same drunk comes in and tells the bartender to get a drink for everyone. “And not one for me tonight?” asks the bartender. “Nah,” says the drunk. “You get violent when you drink.”

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