Fishing Trip

A man called his wife from work one Friday afternoon and told her to pack his bags for a fishing trip. He told her that he and some guys from work were going fishing for the weekend.

“Pack some clothes, get out my fishing poles and tackle box, and don’t forget my blue silk pajamas,” he explained to her.

The wife agreed and when he got home he picked up his stuff and said goodbye.

Sunday night the man returned home and his wife asked, “How was your fishing trip?”

The man responded, “It was great and I even caught a few large ones, but you forgot to pack my blue silk pajamas!”

“No I didn’t,” she replied, “I put them in your tackle box!”

Family Car

A teenage girl had just been given family-car privileges, when she returned home very late from a party.
The next morning her father went out to the driveway to get the newspaper and came back into the house frowning.
At 11:30 am the girl sleepily walked into the kitchen, and her father asked her, “What time did you get in last night?”
“Not too late, Dad,” she replied nervously.
Dead-pan, her father said, “Then I’ll have to talk with the paperboy about putting my paper under the front wheel of the car.”

Basketball Coach

The basketball coach stormed into the university president’s office and demanded a raise right then and there.

“Please,” protested the college president, “you already make more than the entire History Department.”

“Yeah, maybe so, but you don’t know what I have to put up with,” the coach blustered. “Look.”

He went out into the hall and grabbed a jock who was jogging down the hallway. “Run over to my office and see if I’m there,” he ordered.

Twenty minutes later the jock returned, sweaty and out of breath. “You’re not there, sir,” he reported.

“Oh, I see what you mean,” conceded the president, scratching his head. “I would have phoned.”