Buttercup Fairy

The other day I was out playing some golf, and my ball landed on
the rough in a patch of buttercups.

As I lifted my club in the air I heard a faint voice, “Please
don’t hurt my buttercups, buttercups.”

I lowered my club and took a quick glance back and forth to make
sure that I was alone. Satisfied that I was alone, I began to
raise my club, and again came the same voice, this time a bit
louder, “Please don’t hurt my buttercups, buttercups.”

This time I was so sure of the voice that I spoke aloud, “Hello,
is someone out there.”

No sooner than I had finished speaking a tiny fairy appeared
before me. “I am the forest fairy, if you don’t hurt my
buttercups then I’ll give you all the butter you could want for
the rest of your life.”

And so I replied, “Where the hell where you when I was in the

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